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Earn Leif and Lillie points for different actions, and turn those Points into amazing rewards!

The Leif and Lillie rewards scheme is an exclusive loyalty programme for our customers, which allows you to accumulate points and benefit from discounts and rewards when shopping at our online store.

Upon sign up you will earn 10 points and if you complete your profile with the birthdays of your Children you will earn another 5 points

For every 1 euro  you spend on qualifying purchases from Leif & Lillie  you will be awarded 1  Point

We will reward you with  a 5 euro coupon  with every 150 points collected.

Terms of Use

To join the loyalty programme, you must sign up and become a member of the Leif and Lillie family.

For every €1 you spend on qualifying purchases from Leif and Lillie, you will be awarded 1 Point. Points will be added to your rewards as soon as the purchase was placed provided no returns, cancellations or amendments have been made to that order. Points are deducted automatically if the order is returned, cancelled, and amended.

Loyalty Points cease to be operative on the 12 month of the date they were earned

10% worth of order value can be redeemed in points at one go irrelevant of the amount spent.

Discount codes and Points cannot be transferred to another customer’s account.

Discount codes and Points have no monetary value, cannot be transferred, bought, sold or in any way traded, except as stated in these terms.

Rewards earnt cannot be carried over with each level increase or decrease.

Points cannot be redeemed when a  discount code is applied upon checkout- its either one or the other